Philidor - Homage to Philidor

Скачать Philidor 1749 (London) L"analyze des echecs
5.17mb pdf - The first edition (1st of the 1st), in French.

Philidor 1750 (London) Chess Analysed
5.19mb pdf - 1st English edition

Philidor 1819 (London, Pohlman) Chess - rendered familiar by tabular 
68.03mb pdf - The "Analyse" with a diagram every move (two "half" moves).

Walker (1835) A selection of games at chess actually played by Philidor and 
his contemporaries
2.38mb pdf - does what it says on the title

Allen (1863) - The Life of Philidor - Musician and Chess-player
3.34mb pdf - George Allen"s famous biography.

1779 Philidor - Carmen saeculare [ms. possibly autograph]
34.14mb pdf - manuscript of perhaps his most famous musical score
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