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СhessBase Magazine • October 2010 • Number 138 - ПОЛНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ
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14.12.2010, 19:32
CHESSBASE | 2010 | English/German | DVD (databases, videos) | 2.17 GB

Youth and experience is a theme which plays some sort of role in all four top tournaments covered in this issue. In the Shanghai Masters which has just finished the youngest player in the field, the Chinese player Wang Hao, had little joy and even lost both his games against the outstanding victor in the tournament, Alexei Shirov. On the other hand youth showed its teeth in the match of the generations in Amsterdam and notched up a start to finish victory which was never in any danger against the "Experience" team. The tournament of the "Young GMs" in Biel saw them competing against each other and it was Caruana who secured the title in a play-off. And at the Chess Meeting in Dortmund, 19 year old Vietnamese player Le Quang Liem was just as much a surprise as the brilliant tournament victory by Ponomariov.
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