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Rybka 4.1 Update
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07.03.2011, 12:02

Rybka 4.1 is the latest UCI Rybka chess engine and is a free update for Rybka 4 customers. This is a relatively minor version - a number of bugs which existed in Rybka 4 are fixed, but there are no search or evaluation changes of any kind. The engine parameters are also mostly unchanged.

Update Instructions

In order to obtain Rybka 4.1, you will need to have the original Rybka 4 executables, and you will need to download the attached Rybka41Update.exe application. Then:

- Save Rybka41Update.exe to your hard drive and run it (usually by double-clicking the icon) and follow the instructions in the updater.
- The updater will look for existing Rybka programs in the directory you supply it with and create Rybka 4.1 versions alongside any Rybka 4 programs that are found.
- You can add these new Rybka 4.1 programs to your chess GUI of choice.
- After the update process the Rybka41Update.exe program can be deleted, but you may want to keep it for backup purposes.

The Rybka 4 to 4.1 updater works for both Deep Rybka 4 and Rybka 4.
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