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WinBoard 4.8.0
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25.10.2014, 13:12

Main new features that would benefit Chess users are: 
* tablebase hits, selective depth and nps can be shown in Engine Output. 
* Clicking moves in the Edit Book window plays them, and moves can be added to the book by playing them. 
* The Evaluation Graph can be switched to differential mode ('Blunder Graph'). 
* Bulk saving of all selected games from a PGN database is possible, to create a new one. 
* Setting up positions is made much easier by providing a 'pallette' board showing every piece once, and having a copy as well as move function for the pieces. 
* The possibility to cut short engine-engine games based on scorpio bitbase probing. 
* The clock times are saved as PGN comment in unfinished games, and restored when they are reloaded, making it easier to adjourn games. 

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