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Lucas Chess 5.0 Instalable
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01.06.2011, 10:11
Обновилась замечательная бесплатная обучающая программа с некоторыми уникальными функциями, теперь доступна версия 5.0.

Training, Joaquнn Alvarez has developed a new section, with interesting positions.
Bolokay has written the program's FAQ , available from Information.
Training : updated Eduardo Sadier' Mate in Two Moves with more than 120.000 problems.
Blindfold chess, it can be played in any game.
Now it is possible to edit arrow indicating pieces moves.
Added support for reading/using/creating/training books Polyglot. It includes a book made from games of Grandmasters, played from 1970 to 2010. + 
Training mate positions from mate in 1 move to mate in 4 moves.
Others :
Work messages in screen corner, when possible.
Moves of the opponent's pieces (timed).
Options-Other options : Translation of labels : primarily for translators.
Options-Other options : Sounds edition : to record voices (also external wavs) that can be heard while playing.
Options-Other options : Users : enables a small user management.(George P. idea)
Windows position are now saved.
Tutor window can now be set vertically. Via Options-Configuration-Boards.
While playing : Hand cursor to pick up the pieces. (DRANIX idea)
While playing : +Options Tutor change : engine and/or its thinking time.
While playing : Sounds : that can be on/off, previously they can be set
Visual effects : initial presentation and opponent pieces moves can be disabled in Options-Configuration-Boards. (scottmiao advice)
Option to show Captured material, now, add a new panel with information of current move, and permit direct edition. (Based on a Rui Grafino suggestion)
When playing with tutor enabled, and player donґt select tutor's suggestion, this suggestion is saved in Variants. To disable this option, Options-Configuration-Automatic save-Save as variant.... (Robert M. idea)
Creating new games, option to import a PGN file (Training-Utilities-Create your own game,+Options,Read PGN). (Gianfranco Cutipa idea)
Fixed some errors in the coding of PGN.
The list of users file moved to UsrData
In portable version install folder has changed from AjedrezLucas to LucasChess.
Updated Critter - 1.01
Updated Stockfish - 2.1.1
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1 Tshigorin   (01.06.2011 12:24)

незаменимая шахматная самоучилка!

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