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Komodo 2.01
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10.06.2011, 09:03
We have just released the latest version of Komodo. 

We are breaking with the usual naming convention and this will be called version 2.01 instead of the expected 1.4 - future versions will be 3, 4, etc. Version 2 was a beta release that a few tester received, thus 2.01 

Komodo 2.01 has many bugs fixed and is significantly stronger than Komodo 1.3. It contains evaluation improvements and search enhancements in almost every area and some original ideas of our own. 

Currently I have the 64 bit versions posted for Linux and Windows, but I will get 32 bit version posted soon as well as a version for Macs. 

I am also working on getting some faster binaries compiled with the help of Jim Ablett and Dann Corbit, but due to some compiler issues that will be later. However the supplied binaries are pretty good, just not quite as good as what Jim Ablett has been able to produce. 

Much thanks to Dann Corbit and Jim Ablett for having the patience to make binaries (over and over again.) Dann Corbit was also especially helpful in locating some serious memory related bugs in Komodo. Aart Bik was kind enough to build and test versions of Komodo that run on the Android. Thanks also to Clemens Keck who helped me test as well as other testers. 

Any feedback will be appreciated. 

Don and Larry
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