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29.12.2010, 16:19
HIARCS 1: This was the first commercial release of the HIARCS series of chess products. It followed a number of years of development and playing in many computer-computer tournaments. This version was an evolution of the chess program that won the title of World Amateur Microcomputer Chess Champion which was achieved at the World Microcomputer Chess Championships in Vancouver, Canada in 1991. It also competed with relative success in the 1992 World Computer Chess Championship in Madrid and was still in with a chance of finishing 2nd overall until the last round. It also achieved a Gold medal in the 1992 World Computer Chess Olympiad in London. The internal version number at the time in Vancouver was 6.72, but the numbering scheme was reset to 1 when the first commercial release occurred. The version included in the download link below is a hybrid version of HIARCS 1 with mouse support. Please unzip the download into the Hiarcs1.0+1992 folder and double click the "HIARCS.EXE" application file to run it. This product has been unprotected so you can use it for free under the terms of the license agreement which is included in the zip archive as "license.txt".
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