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Fire 2.2 xTreme x64 NLP PP
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06.07.2011, 09:08
major changes:

dear user:
some might 'disapprove' of versions released so close together...to them i have a couple of things to say:
i will not 'conform' to the 'good-old-boy' establishment criteria of 1-2 releases per year. users and/or testers will not dictate how or when i release a new version.

if i have an improvement to the source code, no matter how insignificant, and i feel it will benefit the user, i may choose to release it. i do the work for free, i offer it for free, i have a right to release whenever and however i so choose. if you disagree with this, the answer is simple: don't download it.

best regards as always-

2.1 xTreme
PVHash now initializes correctly as LargePage memory TotalBaseHash size change issue fixed
TBHits also display in Fritz GUI
capability for non-LargePage compiles added
LowDepth razoring added -> UCI option Low Depth Margin
RobboInformatory removed, this was almost never used
Bulk Load Name, Bulk Unload Name, Bulk UnLoad Directory removed (unneeded and unused by most users)
this release includes Fire_22_xTreme_x64_NLP_PP...
NLP = No Large Pages, intended for systems (mostly Win XP) experiencing difficulty with Large Page memory configuration
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