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Deep Saros 2.3e2
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04.01.2011, 13:48
Experimental version. Less aggressive and more balanced.


Deep Saros is a chess engine free for non-commercial use. Deep Saros derived from an old version of the strong free software "Ivanhoe". Deep Saros also includes ideas and pieces of code derived from the various series software Ippolit (RobboLito, Igorrit). In addition to the author's ideas, Deep Saros also contains ideas taken from various free chess engines, including Glaurung, Fruit and Crafty.
Deep Saros is, at present, an experimental program, although in practical tests has been very strong and competitive.

Deep Saros has no graphical interface and its use is recommended to install one of the many GUIs available, both free and commercial, such as: Arena, Scid, Winboard/Xboard, Josè, Fritz, Schredder, Chessbase, etc. ...
For use on Winboard/Xboard, you must download and install the free program "Polyglot".
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