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Deep Fritz 14
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28.11.2013, 20:27
Single-processor engines are a thing of the past – that's why the new Fritz comes as a powerful multi-processor version right from the word go. Deep Fritz 14 features a 64-bit engine, and can support up to eight processor cores simultaneously. That's where the similarities end, however, as the engine itself has been completely redesigned and packs almost 100 Elo points more than the previous version, putting Deep Fritz 14 amongst the strongest chess programs in the world.

Optimized for Windows 8.1: With its novel 64-bit program interface, Deep Fritz 14 runs faster and flows better on the latest versions of Windows. Naturally, the new version retains all of the well-known playing, training and analysis functions that made Fritz the most popular chess program in the world.

Go Premium: Log on to the Playchess.com server with Deep Fritz 14 and tune in to exciting live commentary of world-class tournaments, or take part in training sessions with frontrunner coaches such as Grandmaster Daniel King, Klaus Bischoff, Maurice Ashley, Dr. Karsten Müller and many more. Deep Fritz 14 includes a free six-month Premium Membership to Playchess.com.

Only the best is good enough. Deep Fritz 14 gives you access to "Let's Check”*, the world's largest database packed with high-quality analysis. Over 200 million positions annotated with deep engine calculations are saved on the Let's Check server, with more being added every day. If you want to know what to think of a particular opening position, take a look on Let's Check and find out in seconds what it would take your PC hours to uncover.

Activation by CBF

1) important info about the engines:
The DF14 engine (at least the 32 bit) does work in the Fritz13 GUI without any problems (after having been activated)!
But take care: there exist 2 different engines (probably for different CPUs), so don't just download any of these DF14 engines posted here, because then you may get the wrong one.
You have to install the engine yourself on your computer using the file 'EngineSetup.exe' which is in the subfolder 'Prereqs\Engines' of the CHessProgram14-folder. You can get this file from one of the folder-uploads by Ostap Bender!

2) now about the 32 bit version:
Both the GUI and the engine are working perfectly (and with any S/N) after having been patched with the new CB-Patch version, here it is:
CB-Patch 5.1:

3) now about the 64bit version:
First, I've made a new CBAT again, which you can use also for the 64bit DF14 to activate the GUI and the engine, here it is:
CBAT for DF14:

Just unzip it to your DF14 folder with the full folder structure (i.e. it must be unpacked to [CBAT]), go to the CBAT-folder and run ChessBaseAdminTool (that's the 32bit version!). Now you can finish the (offline!) activation by entering any numbers as usual.

4) and finally about the S/N problem with the 64bit-GUI:
I've attached a first trial, but I don't know (and can't try myself) if it really works.
If you want to try it (only for the 64bit-GUI!), then unzip this 'PatchDF14_x64.zip' to your DF14-folder and run 'Patch.bat'.
After this run DF14 and look if it is still asking for a S/N. If yes, then enter any number, close the GUI, and then start it again to see if it has accepted this fake S/N.
If this first patch is working, then it shouldn't ask for a S/N at all, not even at the first start.

But as I already said: it's just a first trial, because 64bit-code and 32bit-code are different like day and night, so I rather had to guess the place where to patch the file.
(if this patch doesn't work at all, then just run it once more and it will restore the original 64bit-EXE again).


 - Completely redesigned 64 Bit – Deep Fritz Engine (and 32 Bit Engine)
 - 64 Bit- and 32 Bit program interface
 - Premium membership to Playchess.com (six months)
 - Access to the Let's Check* (with 200 million extensively analysed positions) and ChessBase engine cloud
 - A new opening book compiled by Alex Kure (over four million position)
 - Database with over 1.5 million games etc.
 - *Access to "Let’s Check” database till 31.12.2016
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2 DrySky   (03.12.2016 23:45)
Устанавливаем, запускаем и вводим при активации любые цифры.
В самой игре: Файл -> Активация -> Активировать вручную.
Вводим те же цифры и любой Hardware ID.
Видим сообщение об успешной активации – теперь можно играть.

1 Alex80   (18.06.2015 21:03)
Какой ключ для программы Fritz 14?

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