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Arena 3.0
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25.12.2010, 10:16
rena 3.0 is available since 2010-12-24 

Arena 3.0 with engines SOS 5.1, AnMon 5.75, Hermann 2.6, Ruffian 1.05, Rybka 2.2 free, Spike 1.2, book Perfect_2010 by Sedat Canbas, mini book Titus 2.4 (by Kevin Frayer), mini book Olympiad, PGN database from Olivier DEVILLE, EloStat 1.3, Gaviota 3-men tablebases, Speedtest 1.0.2, flags, fonts, graphics, help files, without setup program.
Arena 3.0 setup (16 MB): Arena 3.0 setup includes everything from the ZIP plus engines Nejmet 3.07 and Dragon 4.6 plus move announcements. 

Most important changes compared to last public version 2.5:
  • UCIFilter fixed+improved
  • Removing engines from memory after aborting tournament mode works now
  • It is now possible to make an engine weaker in ICS mode
  • Mainlines can be saved as variations in PGN (optional)
  • Nodes/sec now works for Winboard engines
  • New option for Knodes/second instead of nodes/second
  • Sound at start of Arena now hearable
  • Autoplayer repaired
  • Wine tournament bug fixed: engines can restart now
  • Wine font bug fixed: If fonts Arial or Courier New not available, choose appropriate one, not random one
  • Wine helpfile reader added as separate download
  • Wine does not show Chess Merida Arena's mask. Mask disabled on wine, so graphics is not spoilled
  • If no font "Wingdings" available (common on Wine), show simple '+','=' and '-' characters, not wrong ones
  • Inactive buttons in tournament mode visible, not invisible, but inactive as they should
  • Auto-Analysis: Comprehensive output in report starts with 1
  • Auto-Analysis: Bug removed where positions were not analyzed
  • Auto-Analysis: New option for adding parameter info in report file
  • In PGN output duplicate game result in braces removed, e.g.: {1-0 Arena adjudication} 1-0
  • Superflous "..." after last move in PGN removed
  • Winboard options "memory", "cores" and "egtpath" now globally setable
  • Bug in combo boxes in Winboard options removed
  • Option "Large Logos" works again
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