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HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 13.1
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19.10.2010, 16:04
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Key features:

World's strongest PDA chess program, true super GM strength in the Palm of your hand!
Unlimited beginner, intermediate and advanced levels challenging all players.
Special Energy Saver Handicap levels reduce battery use and can be set to your strength.
Coach to teach moves, watch your games, point out mistakes and give hints.
Built in Elo rating monitor rates your play and measures your progress.
Multiple database support, includes 4 game databases of the great champions.
Game variations through multiple linked game branches.
Interfaces with desktop software using PGN format import and export.
Unlimited levels and time controls: Casual, Blitz, Active, Fischer and Tournament.
Numerous opening books with latest opening theory for study and preparation.
High res, colour graphics, multiple boards sizes, piece sets and VCR controls.
Contains the latest HIARCS Palm Chess Pro product (version 13.1) for ARM and 68K PalmOS based devices. Also included is a small size openings book, ECO opening names and 6 games databases: Alekhine-CapablancaDB, Fischer-SpasskyDB, Kasparov-KarpovDB, Anand-KasparovDB, Anand-TopalovDB and PalmHIARCS Matches.
Palm Hiarcs 9 Computer Games Database
Palm Hiarcs 9 Human Matches Database
Human World Champions
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