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Chess PGN Master 1.57 [for Android]
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23.05.2013, 18:28
Browse through chess e-books available in PGN format or watch live tournaments as they occur (if there's a PGN file available on the web which is regularly updated).

* Easy navigation (tap on left or right side of the board to move the pieces)
* Analyze games with the integrated analysis engine (output limited to one move in trial version) - start with menu - Analyisis start/stop
* Add more UCI chess engines for analysis
* Autoplay (automatically move the pieces, time between moves can be set in settings)
* Live update of games (a PGN file from the web which is updated will automatically be reloaded once a minute)
* Dropbox support (load PGN files from your Dropbox)
* includes a PGN file with 6 annotated games from "Chess Fundamentals" by former world champion José Raúl Capablanca
* Edit mode (PRO only): try out analyzed lines, edit annotations and variations
* Blunder check
* Supports many languages (e.g. Russian, Chinese) in annotations (see Preferences - Set encoding)
* Share games with other programs (Chess programs, Google+, ...)
* Can read Scid database files if "Scid on the go" is installed
* Automatically convert ChessBase databases to PGN if "CBH to PGN" is installed
Required permissions:
- Internet: to download PGN files (for live games)
- SD-card access: to read PGN files and save downloaded PGN files

Easy navigation

The navigation is as easy as it can get: just tap on the left or right side of the board to jump back or forward in the game. 
A long press on the left side of the board jumps back to the move before the current variation. This means that if you're in a variation and want to go back to the main line all you need to do is making a long press on the left side. 
A long press on the right side of the board takes you to the last move of the current variation (or main line).

Integrated analysis engine

A strong integrated chess engine helps you to analyse any position on the board. Find a mate in seconds!

Live games

Follow live games on your phone while you're on the go. Just point your browser to a live games site (e.g. http://twiclive.com/silverlive.htm), pick a PGN file and have the games automatically reloaded in the background. Chess PGN Viewer will download the PGN file once every minute and update the game scores in the background.

Dropbox support

Open PGN files directly from your Dropbox account. The file will be stored offline (in the directory pgn on your SD-card) for later retrieval. If you load the same file again from Dropbox the local file will be updated.

Beautiful interface

Choose between various piece sets and board colors. 
Change the indication of the current move and set your preferences regarding the board coordinates (a-h, 1-8).

Device support

Chess PGN Viewer supports most devices running on Android version 1.6 and newer. It has a different layout for tablets to take advantage of the larger screen.
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