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Chess Elite 1.4.1 (iPhone)
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11.10.2010, 08:58
Chess Elite 1.4.1 (iPhone) FEATURES:

-1st Chess Game with Push Notification support
-1 Player mode against device
-2 Player pass & play mode with auto-flip
-2 Player correspondence mode
-Play against Contacts and community of chess players
-Simultaneously play against device and friends
-Intuitive and easy to use UIs with spectacular graphics
-Unlimited undo and redo
-Shows legal moves, hints, coordinates, last moves
-Playback of games for analysis
-Elo Rating system to rate the relative chess skills of players
-Game summary in terms of overall Wins and Losses
-Sort feature to display the list of opponents sorted based on Name, Elo Rating, Max Wins, Max Losses
-Chess Elite Clubs and Smart Groups to categorize players
-Replay ongoing games to see all the moves made
-Use analysis mode to work out a winning strategy
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