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Perfect 2012
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08.11.2011, 18:26
Perfect 2012 Book Release Notes:
• Based on Super GM games – average 2650 Elo
• Perfect 2012 book includes various openings and it has tested with more than 80.000 games (at blitz/slow time controls)
• Hand tuned and carefully optimized the strongest lines (improved for the playing styles of the TOP 20 Chess Engines)
• The winning percentage of mostly disadvantage openings are disabled (bellow 50 % for Whites and bellow 40% for Blacks)
• More than 3 years period of time has been spent for the optimization of Perfect 2012 book (it is based on Perfect 2011 book)
• Opening Book’s Depth is mainly up to 8 moves (exception for a few lines,which are slightly improved to play up to 10/12 moves)
• Perfect 2012 book’s learning functions are disabled
• Disabled almost all 3-fold repetitions
• It’s recommended to be used same book for all engines (its highly hand tuned for engine vs engine matches)
• Perfect 2012 is a neutral short book (not recommended for book competitions – Playchess/Testo/Flyordie,RPC…)
• The current opening book formats are compatible only for Fritz/Shedder/Arena/Aquarium GUIs
• Perfect 2012 book formats for Winboard/ChessPartner/ChessGUI/ChessMaster GUIs will be released soon

The Perfect 2012 opening book is freeware.Nobody is allowed to sell copies of Perfect book.
It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes as long as no any files in this package are modified.
The files in this package are provided with absolutely no warranty of any kind.Use it on your own risk.

Best Regards,
Sedat Canbaz

В архиве есть картинки с настройками для Фрица, Арены, Шреддера,также Opening database 2011
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