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Houdini Opening Book
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17.11.2011, 08:22
The password Grandpa's best

Everest: I have written a "Readme.txt" and added it to the files.
After you have downloaded all files and extracted them
into a folder of your choice please do the following.
Copy this "Readme.txt" into an other folder of your choice.
I'm sure that this "Readme.txt" will be very helpful for you.
After you have done this you must delete the "Readme.txt"
file in your downloaded folder where you have extracted
the files. You must do this for a fine working installation.
After you have done it so.....
You will have the complete and original DVD.
Now you can burn the files in the right sequence
on a DVD or installing all from your folder.
The original DVD doesn't include a "Readme"
Please read my written "Readme" !
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